Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wilde's Fire Review and Swag Giveaway!

“The world appears so much smaller when the stars don’t shine.”

Wilde’s fire is a unique story with a one-of-a-kind premise. We follow Katriona (Kate) Wilde in her journey to another world that is coated with good versus evil or in Krystal Wades world, light versus darkness. Wilde’s Fire is written in first person present tense so the reader really feels like he or she is in the story. If you are unsure what that means… let me say this: the writing style is not any different from how the Hunger Games or Divergent is written so if you love Suzanne Collins or Veronica Roth’s writing style then you will surely enjoy Wades.

I really liked reading Wilde’s fire. It is possible to finish the book in a few days...trust me when I say you will want the second book soon after finishing. I felt the beginning was a little slow but I understand the authors intention and believe it was necessary for the story to flow smoothly with nice transitions from this world to the other. You will be pleasantly surprised by Wade's imagination. Once Kate enters Encardia, the story really begins to move and you learn so much! Wilde’s Fire is mixed with magic and love, lots of love, hot steamy young adult love and battle scenes! I absolutely loved reading the action scenes and how Wade was able to capture the audience’s attention and keep us on our toes. I seriously could not get enough of the light versus darkness aspect.


There were several characters in the book that I thought were wonderful. Flanna is spunky with a dash of fierceness and is the type of character that one could imagine as their own best friend. She always seems to know what is really going on emotionally, even when the main character doesn’t. Now on to Arland. Wow. Heart throb. Arland is NOT one of those raunchily written characters, he is a pure gentleman and has Katriona’s best interest at heart. He fights, rides horses, and is a leader but he isn’t perfect. I love it when characters are written with flaws, it makes them more believable! Arland has issues…all while falling in love with Kartriona, who can be immature at times (it's her age an inexperience with life). I can happily say that Katriona was written perfectly also, i was so happy to read she wasn't helpless!

Let me reiterate how much I appreciate characters NOT being perfect. She has her own personal issues: best friend problems, being away from home, and not to mention, she must fight or die all while trying to protect the man she is falling madly in love with…ahhhhhhhh!! All of that is just a scratch on the surface compared to the big picture and what she must do to survive. Kate has a lot to learn and as readers, we get to follow and watch her grow into light. Brad, well, I can secretly admit that I wanted him to die at the beginning of the book. I don’t know why but in the beginning I did not care for him but overall I was glad that he didn’t get killed off. He may actually end up being one of my favorite characters in the series. I cannot wait to see what happens with him. I actually can’t wait to see what happens to all of them!

I mention the characters mainly because of my theatre background. The characters are the backbone and reason why I enjoy most plays, novels, and short stories.

Wade did a wonderful job portraying realistic characters and I am looking forward to watching them grow in the series. Moral of the review: you should download Wilde’s fire and enjoy! This is Krystal’s debut novel and I know she has more great writing to come. She is an author to put on your watch list! I WILL be continuing the series....join me!

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  1. Thank you for the awesome review!

  2. Nice review :) Adding Wilde's Fire to the TBR pile!

  3. Sharon - Anytime! It was a great book and I would do it again and again!

    A.K - Awesome! Once you finish it...come back and let me know what you thought! Interested to see if you felt the same way. I am really liking forward to book 2!

  4. Wonderful review and the cover art is breathtaking! I want to read this one :)

  5. Hi Maryellen! Thanks for stopping by! You said it...breathtaking! WF's cover really does have many spectacular elements, the great thing is the story was incorporated into the cover art. Once I read the story, I had a small lightbulb moment when I glanced at the cover. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did! I am really looking forward to book 2!


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