Thursday, October 18, 2012

HWCAC: First page of After the Woods...Beware!

Hello Minions! I promised to post the first page of my novel today and I always keep promises to my faithful minions so without further ado:

After the Woods by Courtney Worth Young.

Elisabeth swayed back and forth, inspired by the ghostly tune that echoed from the old record player on the dresser. Light, flowing violins and the nostalgic fluidity of the piano keys inspired her to dance. The music alone was haunting–the fact that it was her grandfather's favorite song made it even more so. Before losing herself completely in the moment, a strange tingling sensation lingered and forced her eyes open.

"Grandfather?" The word fell from her like a prayer.
Since his death, Elisabeth experienced an unwavering numbness and disconnect from reality. Days and nights flowed together as the weeks passed. Although he was physically gone, the memories they shared could never be forgotten, and his presence continued to visit her waking moments.

Adrenaline bolted through her veins and an uneasy energy engulfed the room. Elizabeth vigorously rubbed her arms, chasing the goosebumps that traveled up her body at a rapid pace; the same pace her heart thrummed at. She snapped her head around, certain unseen eyes tracked her every move. The feeling of unwelcomed eyes was not a stranger but the thought made her want to hide. Elisabeth focused on her surroundings to ensure nothing was out of the ordinary. Opening the double doors that led to the balcony, she scanned the deep woods and rolling hills that encompassed the antebellum house.
All was the same or was it?

Disclaimer: My novel is still going through edits so unfortunately this is not my final draft.  I am sure something will change but enjoy anyway!


  1. Wow. sounds terrific. I already get a feel for Adrenaline and the type of novel this is going to be. I'm striving to achieve the same feeling for my first page... yay!!

  2. Sounds very intriguing, Thanks for sharing.

  3. I particularly enjoyed the line "The word fell from her like a prayer." That says so much more than just offering an adverb to describe how she'd spoken.


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