Friday, October 12, 2012

HWCAC: Keep the Query revisions coming!

That's what she said? LOL! Sorry, I could not help but be a little immature....but I literally set myself up for that one! :)

Anyway, I am writing this post to all the minions in the land!
The first week of the Writing Clinic and Contest is almost over and so far I have seen EXCELLENT progress with your queries. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to visit each one...yet, but I do have good intentions. I promise! I'm on vacation...but am dedicated to helping you out!

During this week, I have witnessed complete and total rewrites and even a few deaths of query characters. Muwahahahaha!!! The House of Gaunt has been deliciously evil these past few days.

The truth is: revisions suck! They aren't easy and are a lot of work. But don't give up!!

With every revision made, you are another step closer to that perfect query .... and the ultimate prize. Remember: this blog hop isn't just a clinic, you could possibly have your MS requested and end up with a publishing contract! Now, that is a big freakin' deal! But even if your MS isn't requested, I am hoping that you leave this clinic with high hopes for the future and a solid query + first page!

With all that being said, I am really looking forward to next week.
Week of 10/15: First Page Week - Super villains will post tips on writing a great first page and their own successful first page. Minions will post their first pages and super villains and other minions will stop by and provide critique.

So in a few days, we will move from the query to the first page! This is my favorite part!!
I hope you are all getting great feedback and am glad you are participating!

Your hard work WILL pay off! 


  1. Oh yea, working it baby! Nothing wrong with rolling your sleeves up and working hard. I know I have this week. And I really like my new query and I can't wait until next week. Who knows? I may get a whole new first page, too:)

  2. It's been fun and I'm loving my current query. But I swear if I play with it much more than I'll be seeing queries in my sleep.
    There's an idea. Now if I could just type them whilst I'm dreaming ...

    I'm also looking forward to seeing all the first pages.

    1. If I could type while I slept I would be so far ahead of schedule I wouldn't know what to do with myself! Glad everything is working out for you and that you're loving your new query! That's what this clinic is all about!!! :)

  3. Okay, well your wish is my command! I've posted my revision of your version!! I think I really like this one!

  4. This has been an awesome process so far, but I think I'm beginning to forget what the word query means. You know when you repeat a word over and over and it begins to lose meaning?

    No? That's just me?

    I mean-uh, yeah that doesn't happen to me either...

    1. What is a query? Lol! Just kidding! You're making awesome progress...looking forward to next week.

  5. Death to the query letters! AVADA KEDAVRA!

    ...I might be a Harry Potter geek too. And would like to go ahead and suggest that when you pick your minions, you start referring to them as Death Eaters.

    I'm really looking forward to the first pages this week! After practicing the Cruciatus Curse on mine this week, it will be nice to have a new subject to work with. A query letter can only bleed and bellow so much before it gets boring, you know?
    -Minion Mara

    1. I like your style, Minion Mara! Yes, I shall call my evil minions death eaters. Muwahahahahahaha!!

      I am looking forward to moving past the query stage and delving into the delicious first pages. I haven't had a chance to read each one yet....I've been doing this blog hop while I camp. Haha. That's dedication!


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