Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My Works in Progress #southernshadows #thesophisticated #indieBP

Like a fat kid at a buffet, I can't just have one... project that is. I couldn't decide which one I would talk about for this post, so I thought, why not both? Right now, both are equally important.

Southern Shadows Series:

I've been working on this super secret project for a few months. It all started last fall when I pitched this idea to the fabulous Cody Underwood. I said, why don't we both write a themed novel and publish them together? So our readers get a twofer, 2-for-1, type deal. That idea became a reality early 2013, whenever we started drafting, plotting, and sharing our chapters with one another. Part 1 of 3 will release in early September :) Both stories are set in the south, will keep you turning the page, and begging for more! Guaranteed! An updated blurb is coming soon.

(This is Cody and I! We plan to rule the world, while wearing black framed glasses, mind you!)

The Sophisticated (Sophisticated #1):


Money. Bright lights. Sex.

Everything that makes Vegas sinful lures Jennifer Downs. She may look innocent with her pink nails and wavy hair, but the wild electricity of the city pushes away her naivety.

Jennifer contemplates packing her bags and leaving Sin City with her virginity in tow, but not before an unrefusable proposition is made: join the ranks of The Elite and become one of Finn's girls. Transforming into one of the royalties of Vegas essentially means changing everything about herself. If she chooses to climb the slippery social ladder, she will learn all the dirty little secrets that drives clients wild.

Will Jennifer rise to the call girl challenge and play by the rules in a land where money is king and love is prohibited? Or will she lose herself and values in the attempt?

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I am in love with the cover. And I have to admit that I am one of the most modest people in real life. The thought of writing something sexual and having people read it and enjoy it makes me, I dunno, blush? But, this story has begged me to write it for over a year and well, after I decided to retire After the Woods, this one became next on my list. It will be fairly short, 65K-80K and I am 25K into it. The characters are scandalous, sexy, and everyone that I've told has said that I should have used a pen name. Although this is a little different from my normal paranormal/fantasy, I am still pushing forward with it. Like I said in my introduction post, I am not bound to a genre, but genre's bind me. :) The only thing that binds my works together is the New Adult category.  

So that's a bit about my current W's-IP. Can't wait to read about all of yours!


  1. Your WIP sounds intriguing. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Good luck on your WIP. The vegas one, I have a strange relationship to Vegas. I don't like it in real life, but in stories / movies I find something very attractive about the mythical vegas. This more like the myth, or to put it another way, the best of Vegas...

  3. Jennifer is going to play a dangerous game.
    Vegas is an interesting setting, anything can be happening there.

  4. I'm the kind that would blush reading it...but, it is an interesting story idea...what would make this girl decide to lose her virginity and start hooking? Wow. The stories with Cody sound like a lot of fun too, how cool to collaborate!!!


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