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a collection of nature-inspired poetry 

Court Young's second book catalogs a journey into the trees, portraying a story of lust and feminine desire, lost love, heartbreak, letting go, healing, and finding independence and love within yourself. This is a book that will not only make you feel powerful but will also touch on the negatives of that power and will comfort you in dark times as you heal.

ARBOR is the perfect gift for anyone going through a tough time in their life or for those who have found the magical healing powers of being out in nature. How lucky are we to be in a world with trees?

You can find ARBOR here.

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a collection of poetry & prose

WANDERER is Court Young's debut collection of poetry and prose, which was published in June of 2021. 

WANDERER follows Court’s journey of lust and love through the year of 2019 as she traveled to different places, both physically and metaphorically. This is a story of falling hard and learning to get back up again, and how the greatest love is yours. It will come to you.

You can find WANDERER here


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